The Pet Owner with a Plan: Your Guide to Pet Health Insurance

If your pet becomes seriously ill or injured, would you have to limit their care because of your financial situation? According to a Synchrony study, one in four pet owners would be stressed by an unexpected veterinary expense of $250 or less, as they would have difficulty with the finances. With pet care costs on [...]

7 Ways to Avoid a “Ruff” Holiday Season With Pets

The holiday season is full of wonder, but you shouldn’t have to wonder why your pet needs urgent or emergent veterinary care at Wellness Animal Hospital or a nearby emergency center. Avoid a hair-raising holiday with your pet by following our simple tips. #1: Make your list, check it twice, and ensure it includes your [...]

8 Thanksgiving Pet-Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is a nice break from school and work and a chance to gather with family and friends, but this holiday is packed with potential pet dangers. Indulgent foods, strange visitors, and travel can threaten your furry pal’s health, but you can take simple steps to reduce those threats. The Wellness Animal Hospital team wants [...]

Halloween Pet Safety DO’s and DON’Ts

Whether you go all out dressing up for a Halloween party or you prefer to stay in and watch scary movies, the ghoulish holiday can present many dangers for your four-legged friend. Our Wellness Animal Hospital team wants you and your furry pal to enjoy the howliday, so we offer Halloween pet safety do’s and [...]

Let’s Paw-ty! Safe Ways to Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday

What better way to celebrate your furry pal’s special day than by spending the day together, honoring your bond? When your pet’s birthday rolls around, you naturally want to spoil them and shower them with love, attention, and gifts. But, when you’re doling out gift-wrapped treats and toys, keep a few things in mind to [...]

Don’t Drink the Water: Giardia in Dogs

Dogs who frequent dog parks, daycare, forest preserves, and other popular dog gathering spots are at risk for contagious intestinal parasites. Recent studies show that the most common of these parasites is Giardia—a single-celled organism that transmits easily from one dog to another, and can survive for months in the environment, waiting to infect its [...]

Biting Insects and Your Pet

The same pests that drive you crazy while you try to enjoy the outdoors can also negatively impact your pet. Fleas and ticks are common on pets, but many free-living insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, ants, or spiders, can also bite your pet and cause problems. The Wellness Animal Hospital team shares bug bite prevention [...]

4 July Fourth Pet Safety Tips

July Fourth will soon be here, along with dazzling fireworks that explode across the night sky, illuminating the darkness with bursts of vibrant colors. However, while you look forward to ooh-ing and aah-ing in response to the sparkling bursts and booming symphony, your pet likely dreads the display.  And, really, who can blame them?  When [...]

Kids and Pets: Safety Tips

Many people adopt pets before starting their family, or they want to add pets to their household so their kids can experience the joys and responsibilities of caring for an animal. Pets with short lifespans, including fish or small mammals, also help teach children valuable lessons about life and death. No matter your reason for [...]

A Heart-to-Heart About Heartworm Disease in Pets

Florida’s climate makes the state a paradise for people—and parasites, including the heartworm-disease-carrying mosquito. Each year, an increasing number of dogs and cats are diagnosed with this life-threatening but easily preventable disease. Sadly, many infected pets don’t survive. Since the average number of Florida dogs testing positive for heartworm disease has been 15,000 each year [...]

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