Advanced Diagnostics

Our advanced diagnostic equipment can save precious time when your pet is sick—leading to a faster diagnosis and more accurate treatment plan so your furry friend can feel better as soon as possible.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays provide fast, clear, and accurate imaging of your pet’s internal structures, such as bone fractures, heart size and shape, and abdominal organs. If necessary, your pet’s X-rays will be sent to a veterinary radiologist for full review. +


Our on-site laboratory allows us to microscopically evaluate various samples, including body fluids (e.g., blood, stool, urine), tissue biopsies, and ear and skin samples. An in-house blood analyzer allows us to provide reliable results about your pet’s overall health and organ function while you wait. +

(ECG) Electrocardiogram

An ECG allows your pet’s veterinarian to assess the heart’s electrical activity, and review heart rate and rhythm for any abnormalities.


With point-of-care ultrasound, our veterinarians can focus on key organs or body regions to help answer more specific clinical questions about your pet’s health. This diagnostic tool, along with the clinical exam and other in-house diagnostics, helps guide intervention. Ultrasound can be used in immediate life-threatening situations and critical conditions, to monitor therapy response, or to detect new medical developments. If necessary, your pet’s ultrasound will be sent to a veterinary specialist for full review or a further consultation with a specialist will be recommended by your veterinarian. +